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When you are young and full of vim and vitality, the idea of illness seems so remote and foreign.
Even when we may have a friend or loved one who has experienced faltering health, we sympathize and hurt emotionally for them.
However, we seldom can relate the pain to ourselves.
We plan for educations, weddings, vacations and even retirement accounts. But we do not plan for good health​.

Health & Community Resource Fair

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9:00AM - 1:00PM

This Saturday, April 29th, Vista Cummunity Health Center will be hosting their very own Resource Fair. So come and bring your family and have a great time learing about all the resources that are at your disposal in order to take care of your health. Entrance is 100% FREE. We will be having raffles, giveaways, and health lessons. ***And don't forget to enjoy our FREE Tacos during your stay..